This site aims at providing a comprehensive summary of my professional achievements, abilities and experience in historical map editing/compilation and cartography.

I have striven to include at least one example for every employer I have worked for, if the material is still available, or if its inclusion is technically feasible. I trust that this selection will provide a comprehensible overview of the quality of my work.

Trying to reflect my development as well as present standards, I have not only included my best-looking recent work, but also maps done by traditional means, among them my first printed map, done at a time when I was still a student, using methods that would now be considered laughable. I still stand by the quality of its content, if not its appearance. With all that, I put greater emphasis on the more recent maps, created with computer graphics. This is because the latter better reflect my present abilities, and what I can currently offer in terms of cartography.

I have also under-represented my contribution to historical map creation done long ago in Hungary, substantial though this was. The sole area of my professional activity that I have consciously neglected to include here in full are my Hungarian language textual publications.