Clicking on publishers' name opens the respective Major Projects' page when the work I have done for that publisher was a major project; clicking on a code number leads to the respective sample map.

The codes of my recent, computer generated maps are shown by Romans (e.g. I2).

The codes of maps that I prepared earlier by traditional means, are shown by Italics (e.g. K19).


                   Publishers and other employers I worked for in Britain:


Airlife Publishing Ltd K23
Amber Books Ltd I1; I2; I3 ;I4
Amnesty International I5; I64; I65 E11; I113; I114 I115; I116; I117 I118; I119; I120
Antony White Ltd (Facts On File) D13
Athlone Press Ltd I6; J16
Aurum Press Ltd I9; I10; I11
A. & C. Black (Publishers) Ltd J2; J14;J15;K19
John Calmann & Cooper Ltd K20
Cambridge University Press K3
Cameron Books Ltd F1
Canongate Books Ltd K8
Cape/Random House Group I17; I18; I19;I20; I21; I22; I23; I24; I25; I26; I27; I28
Cassell Military H1; I7
Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR) I107
CBD Research J7
Chatto & Windus/Random House Group I12
Collins & Brown J3
Croom Helm J6; K15
J. M. Dent/Orion J9; J10; J17
Dorling Kindersley Ltd. C1; C2; C3; D5; D6; D7; D8; D9; D10; D21
Earthscan Publications K24
The Economist
Equinox (Oxford) Ltd D14
E-Trav E1

Faber & Faber Ltd H27; H28; I101
Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers
historian Sir Martin Gilbert K9;K10
Peter Halban Publishers H3; H4
Robert Hale Ltd
Hazar Publishing Ltd F8
Heinemann/Random House Group H15; H16; H17
Hodder & Stoughton Ltd J13
Hutchinson/Random House Group H2; I13; I14; I15
Ilex (Collins) D15
Institute for the Study of Conflict J8
Kea J12; K12;K13;K14
Kingfisher Books Ltd
Lexus Ltd E3; E4; E5; E6; E7; E8; E9; E10
Line & Line
Peter Lowe (Eurobook Ltd)
Macmillan Education D11; D12
Minority Rights Group K7
Mitchell Beazley Ltd
John Murray Publishers J4
The National Portrait Gallery J5
Oleander Press I89
Oneworld Publications I48
Open University
Penguin UKK21; H30; H31; H32; H33; H34; I108; I109; I110; I111; I112
Philip's/Octopus Publishing Group A1; A2; A3; A4; A5; A6; A7; A8; A9; A10; A11; A12; A13
Pimlico H13; H14; I60; I61; I62; I63
Pitkin Pictorials Ltd F7
Pluto Press I16; I67; I68; I69; I70; I71; I81; I82; H19; H20; H21; I90; I91; I92
Robinson Publishing Ltd I33; I34; I35; I36; I37; I38; I39; I40; I41; I42; I43; I44; I45;I46; I47
Routledge K4
Salamander Books Ltd
Scholastic Ltd K1; K2; J17; I66; I84; I85; I86; I87; I88; I05; I06
B.A. Seaby
Simon & Schuster K5
Spellmount Ltd K6
Stacey International E2; F2;F3F4;F5;F6
I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd K11; I102; I103; I104
Taylor & Francis Ltd J1
Times Books/HarperCollins Pulishers A14; A15; A16; A17; A18; A19; A20; A21; A22; A23; A24; A25; A26; A27; A28; A29; A30; A31; A32; A33; A34; A35; A36; A37; A40; A41; A42; A43; A44; A45; A46; A47; A48; A49; A50; A51; A52; A53; A54; A55; A56; A57; A58; A59; C4; C5; D1; D2; D3; D4; D16; D17; D18; D19; D20
Two Heads Publishing
University of Exeter Press I79; I80; H22; H23; H24; H25; H26; I93; I94; I95; I96; I97; I98; I99; I100
Wayland Publishing Ltd F9
Websters International Publishers Ltd
Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd H9; H10; H11; I8; K22
Wordwright Books I49; I50; I51; I52; I53; I54; I55; I56; I57; I58; I59
Yale Univesity Press London H5; H6; H7; H8; I29; I30; I31; I32; I83