Daily Magyar Nemzet

Having come across this very website Szabolcs Tóth, then editor of “Weekend Magazine” of the Hungarian daily, Magyar Nemzet contacted me in 2008 enquiring if I was interested in producing for them regulary in depth historical maps about the background of topical issues and write accompanying articles. This resulted in my creating 47 such maps in all, the last one in 2014. The articles were typically six to eight thousand characters long. The maps and articles were at times about particular events, long standing conflicts, controversies and other issues, other times overviews of the past of ethnicities or that of countries, including the following (in Italic when the map also exists in English):

Albania, Arctic, Argentina I, II, Armenians, Azerbaijan, Basques, Belgium, Burma, Catalans I, II, China-Japan relations, Croatia I, II, Deported nations, Egypt, EU: imperial inheritance, Georgia I, II, Habsburg Monarchy/ethnic, Haiti, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jugoslavia I, II, III, Korea, Kosovo, Kurds, Libya, Mali, Moldavia, Pakistan, Palestinians I, II, III, Philippines, Scotland, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Territorial success in Europe/its psychology, Tibet, Trianon treaty, Uyghurs, Wallachia.