Times Books: Revised and Augmented New Edition of The Times Atlas of European History (N.B. This plan had been abandoned by the publishers in view of commercial considerations since I displayed the details here. I leave it on this site, however, as it remains suitable to illustrate some of my activity).

Following the success of the first three editions, I proposed the publication of a new, much extended edition of the atlas. This lead to my preparing seven sample spreads to be presented by Times Books at the Frankfurt Book Fair in view of seeking international co-editions. The plan was not only to extend the scope of the atlas by adding a great number of entirely new maps dealing with aspects of European history that the first editions had deliberately not dedicated themselves to, but also to enrich further the content of many of the existing maps and redraw them to a higher standard allowed by technical improvements in digital cartography since the preparation of the first edition. Apart from this I conceived a new chapter the maps of which are offering a different, and novel interpretative approach to European history. Maps A44, A45, A47, and A49 below are examples of my higher standard cartography than performed hitherto in the previous editions by others; Maps A46, A48, A50, A51 and A52 reflect much enlivening and enriching of the maps’ content as well as my better cartography; A53, A54, A55, A56, A57, A58 and A59 are entirely new maps that I have both conceived/compiled and drawn.



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A44- Europe, 1328

A45- Europe, 1885

A46- Catalan expansion

A47- Northern Italy, 1336

A48- The Reconquista
A49- Imperial Germany, 1871
A50- The Balkans, 1878-1908
A51- The dissolution of the Military Frontier

A52- Ethnic division of Austria-Hungary

A53- Medieval heresies

A54- The Tatars in Europe

A55- The Jews to the end of C19

A56- Territorial rivalry of East and West
A57- Religious rivalry of East and West
A58- Continuity in the East, 1000-2000
A59- Continuity in the West, 1000-2000