Clicking on publishers' name opens the respective Major Projects' page when the work I have done for that publisher was a major project; clicking on a code number leads to the respective sample map.

The codes of my recent, computer generated maps are shown by Romans (e.g. I2).

The codes of maps that I prepared earlier by traditional means, are shown by Italics (e.g. K19).


                   Employers located in the U.S., France, Italy, and Switzerland

that I worked for:


Amnesty International's French Section (Paris) K25
Nathan McAllister (Kansas) H18
Matthew Marsh (Texas)
A38; A39
Norwegian Refugee Council (Geneva) I72; I73; I74; I75; I76; I77; I78
Sapere 2000 (Rome) H38; H39
WGBH (Boston)