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A1 - Power Restructured, 301 BC-202 BC

A2 - The Balkans after Alexander, to 301 BC

A3 - Epirus and Rome

A4 - Developments, 301 BC-33 BC


A5 - Christianity at the Early 4th Century

A6 - Church Organisation in C4-5

A7 - Christianity; Expansion and Setback to 500, Formative Gatherings

A8 - Arian Kingdoms in 500


A9 - The Partition Treaties

A10 - The Spanish War of Succession

A11 - The Austrian War of Succession

A12 - The Habsburgs in Hungary, 1699-1751

A13 - The Habsburgs in Italy, C18
A14 - Discovery and Conquest
A15 - Spanish America by 1620
A16 - Spanish America by 1779
A17- In Search of Unity, c.650-850
A18 - Vikings of the British Isles
A19 - Wars with the Danes, 980-1016
A20- William the Conqueror
A21- England under Stephen

A22-Henry II and his Sons, 1169-1180

A23- Edward I's Campaigns in Wales

A24- The British Isles at Robert Bruce's time

A25- Scotland under The Stewarts

A26- England under Henry VIII

A27- England and the World around Elizabeth I's Time

A28- England's Affairs under Elizabeth I

A29- The Civil War during Charles I's rule

A30- The British Isles at the time of William and Mary, 1689-1696

A31- The British Empire under Victoria

A32- Victoria's Family on European Thrones

A33- The British Empire under George V
A34- War against the Taleban
A35- War in Chechnya
A36- Linguistic change in Scotland
A37-Scotland's Atlantic adventures
A38- Byzantine Empire 1081-1204
A39- Byzantine Empire 1261-1341
A40- The World in 700
A41- The World in 1000
A42- The World in1300
A43- The World in 1500
A44- Europe, 1328
A45- Europe, 1885
A46- Catalan expansion
A47- Northern Italy, 1336
A48- The Reconquista
A49- Imperial Germany, 1871
A50- The Balkans, 1878-1908
A51- The dissolution of the Military Frontier
A52- Ethnic division of Austria-Hungary
A53- Medieval heresies
A54- The Tatars in Europe
A55- The Jews to the end of C19
A56- Territorial rivalry of East and West
A57- Religious rivalry of East and West
A58- Continuity in the East, 1000-2000
A59- Continuity in the West, 1000-2000


Examples of maps for my own atlas (compilation and drawing):    top, next

These maps are from an Historical Atlas that I am preparing for the Hungarian market

B1 - The First Known Peoples
B2 - Dacia at Burebista's time

B3 - Decebal's Kingdom


B4 - The Roman Province

B5 - Dacia in the Roman Empire

B6 - Roman Empire - Neolatin Languages

B7 - Arrival of the Goths and Gepids


B8 - The Roman Withdrawal

B9 - A Visigothic Century

B10 - Under the Huns

B11 - Gepidia


B12 - In the Empire of the Avars

B13 - The Age of the Bulgarians

B14 - The Coming of the Hungarians

B15 - On Worlds' Crossroads


These maps were not meant to be finished. They are examples of my compilations and instructions to serve as a base for the styled artwork of others: top, next, previous

C1 - The World in 1750

C2 - Sino - Tibetan State Foundations C7 - middle of C11

C3 - Sino-Tibetan conquest of South-East Asia C11 - C18

C4 - Albania, Albanians

C5 - The Hittites

C6 - Ethnic Minorities, Territorial Autonomies, 1945-85
C7 - New states in Eastern Europe, 12-15C

C8 - Peasant uprisings in Eastern Europe, 16-18C
C9 - Ethnic composition of the Mohacs district


Examples of published maps that were completed by others based on my compilation and instruction:    top, next, previous

D1 - The Break-up of Yugoslavia

D2 - Central and Eastern Europe 1990 - 2001

D3 - Europe 1180

D4 - Balkans 1360

D5 - East-Central Europe C13 - C15
D6 - British Isles C13-14
D7 - The Baltic C12-14
D8 - The Reconquista
D9-The Hundred Years War to 1400
D10 - The Hundred Years War after 1400
D11 - The World in the Middle Ages
D12 - The World on the eve of European expansion
D13 - Spread of Christianity, 750-1054
D14 - Russia, 1645-76

D15 - The Causes of WWI

D16 - The Caucaus, 1988-96

D17 - World religions from 1900

D18 - The Collapse of the Central Powers, 1918
D19 - Western Europe: separatism and nationalism 1945-85
D20 - Central and Eastern Europe 1992-96
D21 - The World 1800-1850


Some work I have drawn to order on screen:     top, next, previous

E1 - Ireland

E2 - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

E3 - Tenerife
E4 - Switzerland
E5 - Northern Italy
E6 - Spain
E7 - Germany
E8 - Rhodes and Cyprus




E9 - Madeira
E10 -The Baleares
E11 - Countries of the World


As it used to be (a few scanned images of maps that I have compiled and drawn to order by traditional means):      top, previous

F1 - Coral reefs of the World

F2 - Kuwait

F3 - The Geological Formation of Oman

F4 - The Growth of Jeddah

F5 - The Ottoman Empire, 1800
F6- The Growth of the first Saudi State
F7 - Central Prague
F8- Thonet factories, 1900
F9 - German Expansion 1936 - August 1939



My very first printed map:

G1 - Baroque in Hungary (1606)