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Examples of maps that I have both compiled and drawn for Philip's:

A1 - Power Restructured, 301 BC-202 BC

A2 - The Balkans after Alexander, to 301 BC

A3 - Epirus and Rome

A4 - Developments, 301 BC - 33BC


A5 - Christianity at the Early 4th Century

A6 - Church Organisation in C4-5

A7 - Christianity; Expansion and Setback to 500, Formative Gatherings

A8 - Arian Kingdoms in 500


A9 - The Partition Treaties

A10 - The Spanish War of Succession

A11 - The Austrian War of Succession

A12 - The Habsburgs in Hungary, 1699-1751


A13 - The Habsburgs in Italy, C18