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Examples of maps published by Times Books in Kings and Queens of the British Isles that I have both compiled and drawn:

A17- In Search of Unity, c.650-850

A18 - Vikings of the British Isles

A19- Wars with the Danes, 980-1016

A20- William the Conqueror

A21- England under Stephen

A22-Henry II and his Sons, 1169-1180

A23- Edward I's Campaigns in Wales

A24- The British Isles at Robert Bruce's time

A25- Scotland under The Stewarts

A26- England under Henry VIII

A27- England and the World around Elizabeth I's Time

A28- England's Affairs under Elizabeth I

A29- The Civil War during Charles I's rule

A30- The British Isles at the time of William and Mary, 1689-1696

A31- The British Empire under Victoria

A32- Victoria's Family on European Thrones

A33- The British Empire under George V