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H1 - Crete & the Eastern Mediterranean

H2 - England, 1066

H3 - Botchki in Eastern Poland

H4 - Changing frontiers between the Baltic and the Black Sea, 1500-1938

H5 - Aragon C14

H6 - Europe, C14

H7 - Baltic Lights

H8 - Mongol Empire

H9 - Germany 1864 - 1871

H10 - Germany 1871-1921

H11 - Germany in WWI

H12 - Hungary 1000-1300

H13 - Dar al-Islam, 1750 (West)

H14 - Dar al-Islam, 1750 (East)

H15 - Germany

H16 - Germany and Occupied Eastern Europe

H17 - The 'Final Solution'

H18 - Central Asia, 1830

H19 - Afghanistan-Ethnicity

H20 - Afghanistan, camps, airports

H21 - War in Afghanistan
H22 - Civil War in Russia
H23 - The USSR, 1929
H24 - The USSR, 1939
H25 - THe Urals Oblast'
H26 - Roman Empire, 2BC
H27 - Chaucer's route, 1372-73
H28 - Hawkwood properties, 1382
H29 - Europe, 1942
H30 - The Versailles treaty
H31 - German expansion in WW1 (West)
H32 - German expansion in WW1 (East)
H33 - Habsburg Monarchy, ethnical
H34 - Religions in Germany, 1920's
H35 - Germany, 1938 (Italian)
H36 - Germany and Occupied Eastern Europe (Italian)


Examples of maps that I have drawn to order on screen:      top, next

I1 - Advance to Caucasus

I2 - Attack by the Donets

I3 - Soviet Counterattack

I4 - Stalingrad


I5 - Saudi Arabia

I6 - Milton Keynes

I7 - Crete

I8 - Shackleton's Endurance


I9 - The Main Battle Area

I10 - Bases of Luftwaffe Combat Units, 13 August 1940

I11 - 13 August 1940: EAGLE DAY, The Afternoon Sorties

I12 - In Siberia


I13 - Constantinople, 1066

I14 - Normandy, 1066

I15 - Stamford Bridge

I16 - Afghanistan


I17 - Burma, 25 October 1944

I18 - China, 25 October 1944

I19 - France, 25 October 1944

I20 - Holland, 25 October 1944


I21 - Western Europe, 25 October 1944

I22 - Eastern Europe, 25 October 1944

I23 - Russian Front South, 25 October 1944

I24 - Russian Front North, 25 October 1944


I25 - Leyte Island, 25 October 1944

I26 - Philippines (Leyte is.), 25 October 1944

I27 - The Environs of Roanoke

I28 - The State of North Carolina


I29 - France and the Low Countries

I30 - Britain & Scandinavia

I31 - Spain & Portugal;
Italy & Switzerland

I32 - Paris, C14


I33 - Arras-Lens

I34 - Desert Storm

I35 - River Plate

I36 - Battle of Britain


I37 - El Alamein

I38 - Gallipoli

I39 - Jerusalem

I40 - Ladysmith


I41 - Passchendaele

I42 - Sicily

I43 - Singapore

I44 - Verdun 1916


I45 - Western Front

I46 - Wireless Ridge

I47 - Ypres

I48 - The North Atlantic Region Today


I49 - Ardennes Offensive

I50 - Arnhem 1

I51 - Arnhem 2

I52 - Arnhem Bridge


I53 - German Advance, 1940

I54 - Hurtgen Forest

I55 - Luxembourg

I56 - Market-Garden


I57 - Peiper's Advance

I58 - The Reichswald

I59 - The Yorkshire Dales National Park

I60 -Bali

I61 -Newfoudland
I62 -Global Trade (West)
I63 -Global Trade (East)
I64 -The West bank
I65 -The Gaza Strip

I66 -Scotland, C18

I67-Aghanistan (provinces)

I68 -Burma (provinces)

I69 -Burundi (provinces)

I70 -Yugoslavia

I71-Sudan (provinces)

I72-Internally Displaced Person

I73-IDP concentrations in Colombia, 2002
I74-Minorities in and around Kosovo
I75-Clashes and Displacement in the Pilippines, 2001
I76-Relocation in Burma, 2001
I77-Conflict and Displacement in Nigeria, 2001

I78-Kurds in Iraq

I79-North Sea Oil and Gas, 1979

I80-Main U.K. ports, 1974

I81-Yugoslavia, 1990-2002

I82-European Union, Applicants 2002

I83-Athos Monasteries

I84-The Caribbean

I85-Battle of Naseby

I86-Battle of Trafalgar

I87-Central India, 1857


I89-Northwest Libya
I92-The Taba offer, according to Palestinians
I94-Exeter (land)
I95-Retraction of Cornish
I97-Town of European USSR, c.1930
I98-Mythical Rome
I101-Northern Italy
I102-Armenia with Karabagh
I103-Mountainous Karabagh
I104-Armenia in the Middle East

I105-The Normandy landing




I107-Somalia - Somaliland


I108-Weimar Germany


I109-Communist vote in Germany, 1930
I110-Nazi vote in Germany, 1933
I111-Unemployment in Germany, 1932
I112-Regional elections in Germany, 1930-33

I113-Countries of Asia and Oceania

I114-Countries of Asia and Oceania (sectional)

I115-Countries of Africa

I116-Countries of America


I117-Countries of Europe and Central Asia


I118-Countries of Europe and Central Asia (sectional)


I119-Countries of the Middle East


I120- Countries of the Middle East (sectional)



As it used to be (a few scanned images of maps that I have both compiled and drawn by traditional means):      top, next, previous

J1 - America in the 18th century

J2 - The Coming of the Hungarians; Ottoman Domination in Hungary; The Austro-Hungarian Empire 1867 - 1918

J3 - The Angevin Empire c. 1200

J4 - Bernadotte's Europe


J5 -Europe after the Treaty of Utrecht (1713) showing the cities visited by Handel

J6 - The Mediterranean World: Physical

J7-Europe, 1837

J8 - The Communist Bloc, 1922-49

J9 - Central Europe, 1915; the Balkans, 1915
J10 - Africa in 1902
J11- Religions and frontlines in Lebanon
J12- The Silk Roads
J13 - England and her neighbours in the reign of Henry VIII
J14 - Rulers of Corsica, 3C BC-AD 725; 725-1987
J15 - Swizerland, 13C-1802; 19-20C
J16 - Germany in the Later Middle Ages
J17 -Indian population of Guatemala
J18 -Growth of the British Empire


As it used to be (a few scanned images of maps that I have drawn to order by traditional means):      top, next, previous

K1 -British gas

K2 -Public Health

K3 - Siege of Bilbao

K4 -The Western Provinces; North Africa

K5- London Boroughs
K6 -Fighter Command areas
K7 -The Ukraine, Georgia
K8 -Cevennes
K9 -The war in Lebanon, 1982

K10 -Israeli withdrawal from Sinai

K11- Israel

K12 - Mesoamerica

K13 - The Great Plaza

K14 - Verona

K15 - Hispania

K16 - The Peloponnese

K17 - The Roman Empire under Diocletian and his Successors

K18 - The Barbarian Invasions of the 5th Century

K19 - The Matthias Church; Budapest, Castle Hill

K20 - Houses of New England


K21 - The Viceroyalty of Peru, c. 1650;
Colonial Brazil, c. 1700

K22 - The War against the French: Northern Vietnam;
Dien Bien Phu

K23 - Indochina

K24 - Eritrea

K25-United States


The distant past (a few scanned images of maps published in Hungary that were drawn by others based on my compilation and instruction):        top, previous

L1 - Expansion of Habsburgs by 1556

L2 - Habsburg Empire 1809-1918

L3 - The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Balkans

L4 - Demarcation Lines, Neutral Zones in Hungary, November 1918 - March 1919

L5- Hungary, administration 1854-60

L6- Distribution of Cattle by counties; Proportion of Cattle to Arable Land by counties (in Hungary)