Times Books: Kings and Queens of the British Isles

Times Books, (part of HarperCollins Publishers) published Kings and Queens of the British Isles in 2002. The conception, research and compilation of the maps for this atlas were done entirely by me, as was its cartography. First the author of the book, Thomas Cussans, tentatively defined the themes he intended to be mapped. I revised the list from an historical cartographical standpoint, proposing alterations at times, and the inclusion of additional maps. This led to an augmented list that was finalized by Philip Parker the editor, following discussions between the three of us. The publishers provided me with digitalized maps, containing the coastal and river lines of the areas that I deemed necessary for the mapping of the respective themes, and I also received general stylistic advice from them. I subsequently carried out research for the content of 77 historical maps that ranged from showing only parts of the British Isles to depictions of the entire World. I compiled these maps on screen, based on the data that I had uncovered and considered to be useful. This meant in effect that I completed the digital cartography of the whole atlas.